Most of my friends & family wonder why I have this incessant anti-Islamic tone on my Facebook wall. And why now? I was not like this until 5 years ago. Even 10 years ago I was active in pro-islamic groups, speaking in public forums to show how non-Muslims like myself in my country of origin, Indonesia–the biggest Muslim populated country in the world–can live happily amongst my muslim friends & neighbours. We all enjoy the same rights and suffer under the same sun. I consider it an excellent example of how Islam is tolerant and peaceful. In the year 2000 I even appear in an Albanian magazine for Muslim women, as a speaker in a seminar.

O happy days … Of course I forgot to mention in those seminars that Indonesia then was a secular country where Islamic law only extend to family matters and is only appied to those who take their religion seriously.


So what happened? Did i fall off a bus, did a durian fall of a tree and hit me on my head? Was it braindamage? A sad childhood? Or was it the trauma of having been dumped by a Muslim boyfriend? Or all of the above that made me dislike Islam, or Islamic law specifcally?



That’s the magazine with me in it!



Here is the page featuring me sitting next to the wife of the ambassador to Palestine and again, me holding the mike. Cute, huh? I was SIZE 8 then!!   And pls dont laugh!!!! I know it is not exactly Tatller, but hey, I made it into a magazine. The magazine is so old now, that the colours have faded.


OK. Here’s the story. It was not until I was asked by a lawyerfriend of mine to study the sharia. Being a laywer by education and profession myself, I happily agreed. There is a demand of sharia lawyers in London and I have a huge mortgage. So, sounds like a good opportunity.


In my brief brush with sharia law in university I have always known that the sharia was discriminatory. Non-muslims are barred from becoming leaders, barred from inheriting from muslims. But all that,must be just misinterpretation. So I thought, until I picked up those two books.


My copy of my Qur’an. The yellow post-its indicate the verses with not so pleasant messages about non-Muslims, Jews especially.


The Reliance of the Traveller. Yes, ‘Traveller’ with 2 Ls. It compiles Islamic law as applied for the past 1400 years and sadly, is the basis of sharia for the next 1400 years (IF Islam survives that long).


So, there you have it. I have read and studied the sharia. And I dont like what I saw. 20% of sharia law is about religious matters but the rest is law: the law about how to treat Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslims do not apply it 100%, except in Saudi, Afghanistan and Iran. The rest, like ‘moderate’ Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Maldives etc etc don’t do stoning, but they quite happily apply their discriminatory sharia regulations towards non-Muslims; non-Muslims cannot become leaders, cannot inherit from Muslims, are restricted in worship etc etc .. we all know this. But some of us rather call it ‘misinterpretation’ because we are too afraid to offend Muslims.


I am not afraid to offend anybody or suffer the consequences, if my accusations are based on real and hard facts. And dont forget that the sharia is being applied worldwide at an alarming rate, in Indonesia and the UK as well. And those who do not want to suffer discrimination and humiliation should either do their own research or speak up now.


Just read the books above for yourselves and you will be shocked. Not many Muslims know about the content of the sharia. Most of them think that it is only about religious matters. If only that were true. When I see Muslims freely spreading their religion in the UK, I often think, do they even care that non-Muslims are forbidden from spreading their religion in Muslim countries? DO they care how I would be treated in a Muslim country? Do they even give a toss that the sharia demand that Muslims be punished/killed for changing their religion? Of course they dont. SO, why should I care about how they feel if I criticize their less than generous attitude?


We all want to go to heaven. But why through applying discrimination and pain towards those who choose a different path? Why does Islam made only some of us suffer under the same sun?


So, there you have it. I am speaking up for a reason. If you dont like that reason, then dont blame me. Blame your own laziness to read these two most important books that will affect your lives sooner or later. You cannot expect people to give up their rights and speech easily.


So to you  muslims who ‘proudly’ wear your Islamic attributes, I say SHAME ON YOU! You pose as victims, whilst in fact due to your sharia, YOU are the perpetrators of 1400 years of suffering. YOU brought this suffering upon yourselves and others and I will not hesitate in pointing this to you again and again and again and again … You no like? No problemo.


BECAUSE … for the love of the sharia who is capable of crimes like these? Only YOU are !!