Indonesia had her first Celebrity sex video scandal this month, which is just silly. No, I don’t think it’s silly that we just had the sex scandal now being 2010 and all, I think it’s silly that this has created such a big row in our beloved Indonesia that many Indonesians are like sex crazed and sex curious teenagers all of a sudden just because this video of their idols came out and about. It’s even sillier because a wide array of porn flicks with people from every race and color are readily available at every single one of your local pirated DVD vendors.


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The video, dubbed Peterporn (a play on the words ‘porn’ and ‘Peterpan’ – the name of the band that the male ‘lead star’ of the video is a member of) seem to be the only thing on the Indonesian people’s minds since the video was leaked by an irresponsible third party on the internet a few days ago.

People from all walks of life are talking about it. Those who have the videos in their computers / notebooks / Blackberries / PDAs / Cellphones / iPods are eager to show and share them with their friends and colleagues. Those who don’t have friends who will share these videos with them are ever so dilligently searching any way they can on the internet for these cinematic gems. Many people after watching the videos judge these celebrities out loud as immoral, debauched and sinful yet I’m sure they keep on watching the vids over and over again albeit privately, while probably masturbating themselves silly.

Some even assisted the famous Japanese porn star Miyabi in her search for the videos because apparently she was curious about this scandal having read about it in International medias that she tried to find the videos online with no luck until she got help from her Indonesian fans. Her curiosity has now been satiated and she is reportedly interested to star in a sex film with the Peterporn star and starlets.

The thing is, Peterporn (Peterpan lead singer Ariel) and his two Wendies (Model and presenters Luna Maya and Cut Tari) aren’t porn stars. They are just normal people who happen to hold celebrity statuses in Indonesia and who just happens to also have a little bit of kinkiness in them – just a bit, mind you, not the scale of Marquis de Sade or anything remotely close – and like to film themselves having sex. It shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

Apparently in Indonesia, as we are currently learning, when a video of celebs having sex leaks on the internet, it’s a HUGE problem. These Peterporn videos have successfully made the internet (yet again) the black sheep because nowInternet is a risk to nation, according to the “very capable and wise” Minister of Communication and Information (who undoubtedly had his share of miscommunication and misinformation from the looks of things), Tifatul Sembiring.

The videos are also christened as nothing short of moral terrorism. Now coming from real terrorists themselves (FPI) who think they are God’s gift to mankind and answer to everything, this is surely something, don’t you think? (Note the sarcasm)

So far these sex videos are moral terrorism, national embarrassment and they are somehow a risk to the nation. “Risk” just like communist infiltration, Malaysians “stealing” our food and culture, America for being behind whatever goes wrong in Indonesia – tsunami/natural disasters included, and the classic Missionaries bribing people with a pack of instant noodles to give up their faith. (note the even heavier sarcasm and imagine me rolling my eyes nine ways ’till Sunday. Just a thought, if people are willing to give up their faith for a pack of noodles, it just means that they didn’t have that much faith to begin with, did they?)

To see the Peterporn trio become public enemy #1 du jour, even more than the corrupt government and its even more corrupt officials who often do the same – if not worse things with all sorts of people – makes me want to barf. Isn’t it more logical and morally justified to make the responsible party for the Lapindo mud flow incident enemy of the state? Or maybe that guy who married the 12 year old girl, for example, instead of these silly, brainless and unimportant celebrities?

Personally I think it’s none of our goddamn business who these people do it with, whether they video it or not, or in whatever style. We certainly don’t want people messing with our sex lives, why should we make such a fuss about other people’s? This just makes us the stupidest and pettiest hypocrites in my book.

But then again, Indonesia is a funny nation consisting of people who are easily provoked, most of whom are uneducated, many of whom are steered and bullied by the hardliners aka the devil’s spawns aka FPI, and whose opinions are easily shaped by whomever it is to first loud enough state an opinion using whatever religious undertone they can to manipulate whichever case they are speaking of to their advantage.

I see many incidents in Indonesia just like this one that is rigged by using religious verses which would make most people, even the most intelligent ones, throw away their sense of logic down the drain willingly and faithfully. This is very dangerous because things like this will set further precedent for so many things to come. And if this continues, what is the difference between Indonesia today and during the era of military strongman Gen. Soeharto when he controlled everything under the dictatorship of the his military regime? Nothing, except this time we will have a dictatorship of religious regime not unlike the Taliban andSulla.

Don’t get me wrong, I think making sex tapes of yourself is a stupid thing. No matter what excuse you have, private collection, personal enjoyment yada yada yada. SEX TAPES HAVE BEEN LEAKED TO THE MEDIA SINCE FOREVER and for many reasons. So making one just makes you a sitting duck for personal humiliation and in the case of those living in Indonesia, a prime candidate for jail. But I don’t think that it’s such a big deal that the whole country should focus on this issue and forget that we actually have much bigger and much realer problems on our hands.

We have plenty of other things to focus on, such as the on going corruption eradication, educating the people, teaching the nation to be more tolerant of different people, annihilation of poverty / ignorance / radicalism, providing the people with better and affordable healthcare and education, giving the people a real ‘voice’ and not a “controlled” one (don’t ask me who controls it, you’re just looking for trouble if you do), better the country and big cities’ infrastructure, and of course there’s the ever important improvement of the quality of life of the people of Indonesia, not to mention the quality of its government.

As you can see, there are so many other things to focus on, but instead we choose to always focus on that business going on between our legs – our crotches, so to speak. And it’s bizarre that we are so fixated on sex all the time since we’re not even a shy nation who don’t have sex, we obviously fuck like rabbits, apparent from the number of the people who are registered as Indonesians (estimated at 240 million people and counting). So we are obviously not a sexless nation.

So what went wrong?

I don’t know, I don’t know if you know. But if you do, by all means let me know. I just want to wake up one day and to stop reading silly news and silly current event linked to Indonesia, is that too much to ask?