There is evil, nastiness and not to mention stupid in the Indonesian Government and all its’ subsidiaries. Oh please, tell me something new. Like that comes to me as a surprise.


Indonesia’s leading Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported that a Police officer who uncovered a smuggling case involving other police officials not awarded, but demoted. You can read the news here, in Indonesian. I have taken the liberty of translating a bit for you who do not understand Indonesian.

Head of Traffic Police Unit of West Sumba, Lukas Malana, has been mutated and demoted for uncovering a smuggling case of 14 vehicles that implicates a number of high ranking police officials in the West Sumba Police Resort.

“When I was head of the Traffic Police Unit, I uncovered this case and I found out that my predecessor knew about it, but did not take action. I reported this case to our NTT Traffic Headquarters, but then our Head of Police Resort reported me to the NTT Police Chief and accused me of slander against the name of the institution. I was also asked to ignore the case,” Malana says.

This kind of attitude among the Police, Military, and Indonesian civil servants is normal. We may think it’s not, but I assure you, it is for them.

Another favorite among them is awarding and rewarding people – and lately, even companies – who have done nothing but bad. I have personally seen this among the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which a rotten diplomat can reach the ultimate post of Ambassador, while (the very few) good ones don’t. They apply this kind of behavior to their staff as well. The rotten staff are rewarded – especially the ass kissers who can suggest innovative ways of corrupting more of the country’s money so that the diplomats who constantly complain of having not enough salary can have yet another way to get more money.

This happens although they are overpaid paid many thousands of dollars every month without doing anything significant. Lying about house rent is common, e.g saying their rent is 2500 euros when in fact it’s only 1800, the rest of the money they keep for themselves (bear in mind, the government a.k.a the people pay for this) as is lying about representing the country to get the representative allowance, e.g “Oh, I went out to dinner with European Union/OPCW/ICJ/UN/Other Embassy officials to promote/smooth over our problems/lobby for Indonesia, here is the restaurant receipt to prove it” while they were actually out with family/mistress/affairs at the restaurant, plus, very few so-called “lobbies” are successful. This kind of trickery will get them anywhere between 500 to 1000 euros extra per month.

Now, the Ministry of Environment has taken it a step further by bestowing a ‘BLUE’ award – an environmental award I initially thought as one to be given to companies who consist of heartless arse-cavitiesTM – to none other than PT. Lapindo Brantas, the responsible party for the now 50 thousand homeless mud victims (I’m sure you know whose company this is).

I guess the Minister of People Welfare Aburizal Bakrie, who owns Lapindo and is ironically the richest person in Indonesia (which really shows how being the Minister of welfare in Indo can help your own family’s welfare climb up a few notches) lobbied the Minister of Environment Rachmat Witoelar for this award (my family know some people from both families, and if I’m not mistaken, they are from the same social circle since long ago, their families too. But I could be mistaken, so don’t believe me unless you have done your own homework as well)

Rachmat Witoelar openly questioned the auditing team – which he himself selected – about the validity of published rankings, “as some big companies which have come under public scrutiny were awarded high marks.”

But methinks Witoelar said this to, of course, protect himself from the 50 thousand poor and angry Sidoarjo mob that might come to Jakarta and attack him and his fracking wealthy family, the members of which you can see at http://www.witoelar.com family for awarding the company from hell who has caused them all the misery.

The blue category was won by 180 companies. There are big names in the list, including PT LG Electronics Indonesia, PT Indorama Synthetics, Bandung and Purwakarta and pharmaceutical company PT Otsuka Indonesia. Meanwhile 43 companies were categorized as being in the worst polluter group.

If PT. Lapindo Brantas still gets a blue award after causing an environmental disaster, I should be given the Miss Universe title, or better yet, give Idi Amin/Robert Mugabe/Saddam Hussein/Osama bin Laden/The Joker/Jack the Ripper/[ ..insert name of your favorite villain here..] a Nobel Prizel for Peace, cos if Lapindo deserves the Blue award, surely, they too deserve a Nobel.