My daughter came to visit me yesterday. Katanya sih to see if I am okay. Aku sih percaya percaya aja. Disela sela percakapan kami, dia mengajukan pertanyaan yang aku sendiri pun bingung.

Anakku bertanya, "Mom, I think, in 1945, Indonesia was not ready to
be independent. I think the independence was just impulsive cause of
the Indonesian leaders then." Dalam atiku, apaaaa lagi ini anak.
Katanya mau ngejenguk gue. Kemudian dia teruskan, "What's difference
did Indonesian Independence make to the wellbeing of the Indonesian
people?" Pre-Independence era, the foreign people run the country.
Now, foreign people still run the natural resources and the telephone
company, at least that's what I heard. The Indonesian people search
for living abroad and rely on foreign countries' resources. So
basically, foreign countries feed the Indonesians". Dalam atiku,
buset ni anak. Trus aku bilang, "Let me ask arround and find out ya,

Trus katanya lagi, "If for example Dutch stayed in Indonesia longer,
and maybe made Indonesia as one of the provices or states, maybe
Indonesia will be a developed place, because Indonesia, as one of the
states of Netherland, will be taken care of by the Netherlands
government. I think the damages from the disasters that have been
happening in Indonesia can be lessen. So what's the point of being
independent if the people and country still rely much on foreign

Terus aku kasih contoh kemajuan yang dicontohkan oleh Dewi Sartika.
Tapi anakku punya defense sendiri. Katanya, "I think everywhere in
the world, even in developed countries like USA, women long time ago
were not encouraged to go to school. Not only in the countries that
were invaded. But then people change. More and more women went to
school. But then, Mom, I was looking at Hongkong, Singapore and
Malaysia for example. They prosper as commonwealth of England. The
Indians in the US were defeated by White people but then their
welfare are protected nowadays and they live properous. I still think
that Indonesia was not ready to be Independent in 1945. I think
Indonesia could be more properous as a part of foreign

Banyak lagi yang dia tanya tapi intinya ya gitulah seperti diatas.